Nasheed should be tried in court for treason- Shameem

State Minister for Tourism, Ahmed Shameem has said that the former President Mohamed Nasheed should be tried in court for treason.

Shameem told Miadhu Daily that Nasheed is trying to consciously and purposefully aid the enemies of the Maldivian nation to destroy and damage the image of Maldives. He said that Nasheed has been targeting the tourism industry to destroy the industry.

Shameem added that the tourism industry which was first initiated in the Maldives in the year 1972 with only about 15 rooms made from palm leaves and sticks have seen gradual development since then. He said that millions and millions of tourists have visited the Maldives so far and although Maldives still remains a hundred percent Muslim nation it has never been a concern of the tourists.

In addition to this Shameem said that Nasheed wrongfully depicts the Maldives as a haven for radicals and terrorists to destroy and tarnish the good image of Maldives thereby trying to bring the downfall of the tourism industry of the country. He said that the bitter consequences of Nasheed's foolish actions would not only damage resort owners but will also the damage the economy of the Maldives.

Shameem said that the tourism industry is directly proportional to the economy of the nation and therefore every attack on the tourism industry is in fact an attack on the economy of Maldives.

Moreover, Shameem said that no one should be allowed to bring harm to Maldives and such people should be put in front of the law and justice should be served.