Nasheed says He needs an alternative narration other than revelation and Hadeeth

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has said that the He is in need of an alternative narration other than revelation of Allah and the Hadeeth eventhough Muslims don’t need such alternative.

Presidential candidate of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party, MDP, who is known for his criticism on Islamic Sharia and the Prophetic traditions made this remark in a lecture that took place 16 April 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark and was arranged by The Foreign Policy Society in cooperation with The Danish Parliament, Foreign Affairs Committee and CILJ - Centre for International Law and Justice, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen.

Nasheed said that Islam gives an answer to every question and the Muslim will even ask the religious scholars regarding the prophetic etiquettes with regard to sleep. He said that it is important to come up with another alternative narration other than revelation and it is important to make a “liberal” version of Islam.

In view of these statements of Nasheed against the revelation of Allah and the prophetic traditions and Islam, Steering Committee member of the National Movement, Ahmed Shameem told Miadhu Daily that the religion of Islam was sent down from above the seven heavens 1400 years ago and the religion was perfected by Allah and it needs no addition and deletion.

Therefore, it totally hogwash to make such a claim as to make versions of Islam. Islam is the most fastest growing religion in the world. More and more people are realising the truth and accepting Islam,” he said.

Shameem said that Nasheed is a secular radical who wants to give freedom to practise other religions and freedom of apostasy in the Maldives. He said that Nasheed is now in such a state of extremism that he does not even know now what his tongue utters.

In addition to this the Spokesperson of the National Movement, Abdullah Mohamed said that Islam is the perfect religion and Islam has prescribed supplications to be said in different situations. He said that perhaps Nasheed said that he wants another alternative to Quran and Hadeeth because what he wants is four cups of alcoholic beverages.

The evidence to this is evident in Muleeaage the day Nasheed decided to step down from Presidency. However even if Nasheed sips liquor for sleep it is forbidden by Allah for Muslims,” he said.

Furthermore, Abdullah Mohamed said that Maldivians do not need an alternative to Islam.