Nation needs a leader who will not disregard mosques and build churches – Gasim

Gasim Ibrahim, Leader and Presidential candidate of Jumhooree Party has said that the Maldivian nation is in need of a leader who will not disregard the building and expansion of mosques and who will not build temples, churches and synagogues in the Maldives.

Gasim made this remark in the Jumhooree Party's campaign rally held at Naalaafushi during the party's campaign tour to Mulaku Atoll.

Gasim, one of the most respected businessmen and philanthropist in the country with a strong populist following amongst the people, said that the people has seen the consequences of electing a person as the President in haste without giving any thought to it. He said that the people should deeply think on whom to vote in the upcoming election and should vote to the best candidate who has done the nation and the people the greatest service.

"First it was said that he was not even aware of establishing idolatrous idols. However, the people saw President Nasheed inaugurate the ceremony to place them," he said.

Gasim, who was also the Speaker of the last Constitutional Assembly which passed the current Constitution of the Maldives, said that his first priority Islam and it will be followed with the Nation and the people. He said that he will remain steadfast upon this resolve to uphold the honour of the religion of Islam, the Maldivian nation and its people.

Gasim urged all people to hold fast to this principle and to remain steadfast upon it without letting it go.

In his address Gasim said that the people should be very aware of the continuous attempts of foreign powers to destroy the Islamic unity of Maldives and to establish secularism in the country.

Gasim underscored the importance of abandoning seeking revenge and establishing peace and stability in the society.

In his address, the leader of Jumhooree Party also said that President Dr. Mohamed Waheed is a powerless leader because of the lack of any members of the Peoples' Majlis from the President's political party.