Majlis strives to protect Nasheed at all costs- Abdullah

Home Ministry's state Minister Abdullah Mohamed has said that the Peoples' Majlis have been striving hard to protect the unislamic and unconstitutional activities of the former President Mohamed Nasheed.

State Minister Abdullah told Miadhu Daily that the Peoples' Majlis should investigate the matter that leaked by the international whistle blowing website WikiLeaks that Nasheed's regime attempted to strengthen ties with the Jewish occupation in Palestine known as Israel.

"However the Majlis would not do that. They will not investigate it. This is known considering the way Majlis have been acting so far.  They might do some lip service just for the name sake due to the pressure from the people," he said.

The State Minister said that the Majlis members are given fat salaries because of the responsibilities upon their shoulders which includes the investigation of matters such as the issue of strengthening ties with the Jewish occupation and taking action regarding it.

Abdullah said that the Majlis has failed to investigate any cases against Nasheed when Nasheed has challenged and opposed the constitution and law during his regime and he continues to do so now.

"The Majlis always seeks to find a way to protect Nasheed. Majlis always looks for a way to gift the airport to GMR.  All other matters are put on hold," he said.

In addition to this Abdullah said that the issue of the controversial Artur brothers involvement in the Maldives should be investigated and action should be taken against those responsible for their involvement in the Maldives.