No sacrifice that I won't make for the nation and the people- Gasim

Gasim Ibrahim, Leader and Presidential candidate of Jumhooree Party has said that there is not a single sacrifice he would not make for the sake of the nation and the people.

Gasim, one of the most respected businessmen and philanthropist in the country with a strong populist following amongst the people, made this remark speaking at the campaign rally of the Jumhooree Party held at Meemu Atoll Mulee island last Saturday night.

Gasim, who was also the Speaker of the last Constitutional Assembly which passed the current Constitution of the Maldives, said that his first priority Islam and it will be followed with the Nation and the people. He said that he will remain steadfast upon this resolve to uphold the honour of the religion of Islam, the Maldivian nation and its people.

Gasim urged all people to hold fast to this principle and to remain steadfast upon it without letting it go.

In his address Gasim said that the people should be very aware of the continuous attempts of foreign powers to destroy the Islamic unity of Maldives and to establish secularism in the country.

Jumhooree Party leader, Gasim additionally said that although the Maldivian nation is small Muslim state there are many people who envy the hundred percent Muslim status of the country and raise concern regarding the Maldivian constitution stating that every Maldivian should be a Muslim and Maldives is a Muslim state.

Gasim said that these foreign powers are trying to achieve their sinister goals with the help of a few power hungry Maldivians. He said that they are known to have been influencing elections through their corrupt money.

Gasim said that the people should not sell their votes or blindly give their votes to their relatives or their friends but should consider giving their vote to the best candidate with the best track record of serving for the betterment of the people and the nation.

The popular philanthropist further said that all people should want development and progress and therefore they should vote for the candidate who will develop their islands, their atolls and their country.

Meanwhile, some political analysts believe that Maldives is now in a situation where people are disillusioned and lost with so many leaders and public figures having let them down immensely. Analysts say that the country is in need of a strong public figure who has a proven track record as a people’s person. There is no doubt that there will be not be a single person in the country who has not heard of  Gasim not for his business activities but more for his philanthropic work. Analysts note that thousands of Maldivians have benefited from his  welfare system and charities and hundreds of Maldivians are being sent abroad by Gasim for education under the Villa Scholarship Scheme. They say that there is no doubt that a great majority of Maldivians see Gasim as someone they can rally behind, most importantly as someone who genuinely cares about them.