STO introduces simple and cost effective Nippon Momento Special Effects paint

The State Trading Organisation, STO, has introduced to the market a paint which can enhance walls with different colours and various designs and which is a cost effective and simple alternative to wall papers.

The ceremony held to launch Nippon Momento Special Effects paint to the Maldivian market was inaugurated by the Director of STP, Shahid Ali. In the ceremony, Henry Ang of Nippon Singapore spoke about the paint.

Nippon Momento Special Effects Paint allows people to design their own wall in the way they want it to appear. Using different strokes: Criss Cross , Diagonal , Vertical, will bring out different effects of the paint. Even after a year or so, the colour can be changed simply by just repainting on it without having to spend a bomb in hiring professionals to do it.

Nippon Momento Special Effects Painting comes in Elegant , Pearl , Silver and Gold.  These 4 different designs will bring a new and attractive outlook to your home. PaintingGuru’s team of professional painters has been specifically trained by Nippon Paint on Nippon Momento Special Effects Painting.

Shahid Ali told Miadhu Daily that this new product is very cost effective and will be expensive than the ordinary Nippon paint by only 20 to 30 percent. According to the STO, a 144 square feet wall can be painted in about MRF 1000.