No crime under the sun that Nasheed cannot be charged with- Nihan

Villimaafannu constituency MP, Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik has said that there is no crime under the sun that the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party, MDP, Presidential candidate Mohamed Nasheed cannot be charged with.

MP Nihan made this remark speaking at a VTV program last night. He said that the former President Nasheed violated and challenged the constitution repeatedly many times during his three year rule.

Nihan accused Nasheed of being an agent of the west installed in the Maldives to change the condition of the Maldives and corrupt the country.  He said that the west relied upon Nasheed to do this and Nasheed himself has admitted this by his infamous statement in which he said that "Salvation to Maldives can only be reached through following the ways of the white people."

MP Nihan said that it is not surprising that Nasheed made absurd statements such as his speech on staying intoxicated and there should always be a people who should be under the influence. He said that there is not a single individual who now is not aware of the "talks and walks of Nasheed."

Nihan said that it is only the unsuspected members of the MDP who are deceived into believing the ideology of their Presidential canididate Nasheed. He said that no other people believe that Nasheed has the capability to be the President of Maldives.

The Villimaafannu MP stressed that all criminals should be given their rightful punishment in the law. He said that the supporters of Nasheed are denying the fact that Nasheed should be tried at court and should be punished by law for his many violations of the constitution and law because it might obstruct him from getting elected as the President.

"The reality is that the boat caught a bad fish. This is the problem. The courts are said to be all corrupt but now when a court issued verdict yesterday to delay the trial of Nasheed now there is no court as good as that. But it was just recently that MDP was on the streets saying there is no justice and they were protesting against all the courts of law," he said.