Ready to provide quality health care to blind children- Gasim

Founder of Villa Foundation and leader of Jumhooree Party, the popular philanthropist Gasim Ibrahim has said that he is ready to provide quality health services to visually impaired and blind children who have a chance of regaining their sight.

Gasim Ibrahim made this remark speaking with the members of Maldives Blind Association at Villa House yesterday. He said that he is ready to send five patients abroad to consult super specialists regarding their visual impairment under conditions stipulated by Maldives Blind Association.

Gasim vowed that no children or person with disabilities would have to suffer in a government of Jumhooree Party. "If it can be cured through medical care then we will provide that for sure. This is our presidential promise," he said.

He said that in a government of Jumhooree Party, through hard work and dedication, the government will build a stronger more independent blind and visually impaired community, offering new life and experiences to many and hope for the future.

Additionally, Gasim noted that he is aware of many problems faced by people with disabilities in getting the monthly allowances from the state. He promised to resolve all such issues in his government. He said that his government would try to increase the allowances.

Villa College has conducted the first course for the visually impaired. In view of this computer course in which 24 visually impaired students participated, Gasim said that many such courses and training programs will be conducted for children with disabilities in the future.

Moreover, Gasim said that in a Jumhooree Party government, the government  would provide a wide array of opportunities for training and support to people of all ages and with diverse needs.

In addition to this, the leader of Jumhooree Party said that he would assist the Maldives Blind Association in releasing their first "Anasheed CD".

Gasim Ibrahim is one of the most respected businessmen and philanthropist in the country with a strong populist following amongst the people. Gasim Ibrahim was also the Speaker of the last Constitutional Assembly which passed the current Constitution of the Maldives.