Gasim says the people will not abandon the religion even in poverty

Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim has said that the people of Maldives will not abandon the religion of Islam even if they are poverty stricken.

The Presidential candidate of the Jumhooree Party made this remark speaking at the campaign meeting held at Dharabudhu island of Faafu Atoll during his tour of the atoll. He said that those who are campaigning to boycott the tourism industry of Maldives to inflict poverty on the people should know that their attempts to make the people leave Islam are futile. He said that they should propose the Majlis to give the people the independence for apostacy instead.

Gasim said that the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) is behind the campaigns to boycott the tourism industry of Maldives. He said that MDP has the Majlis majority and therefore they can try find a solution to this "need" of theirs by deciding on the matter through the Majlis.

Gasim said that the view of the people should be known before any political party decides on any matter. He said that the parties should make decisions according to the views of the people. He said that it is oppression to campaign against the tourism industry of Maldives.

Gasim reiterated that the people of Maldives will remain upon Islam no matter how many challenges they face.  He said that MDP should know this reality.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Miadhu Daily, Gasim said that Jumhooree Party despite having no majority in the Majlis will strive against any resolutions or any bills that is against the tenets of Islam.