Gasim to assist in building a ward for Thalassemia patients

Jumhooree Party leader and founder of Villa Foundation Gasim Ibrahim has said that he will assist the project initiated by some staff of the Faafu Atoll Feeali Hospital to build a separate ward for Thalassemia patients.

Gasim announced this in his visit to Feeali Hospital. The staff of the Feeali hospital informed that the island has the largest majority of Thalassemia patients in regards to the percentage of population and more than 16 Thalessemia patients seek medical care from the hospital.

They informed Gasim said that there are many difficulties in admitting the Thalasseimia patients in the same ward as other patients.

"We have requested the government for a separate ward for them several times but there has been no response. We the staff of the hospital cannot bear to see the patients suffer these difficulties. We have initiated a project ourselves to build a separate ward.  We are doing this ourselves. All men and women from the staff of this hospital are participating in this project," they said.

Gasim said that this is the first time he heard of such an initiative by the staff of an institution and he praised and thanked them for this national endeavor. He said that he will assist the staff in this project.