With Nazim beside Yameen, no support will go for Yameen- Umar
Will wage this war and end this war within PPM

Umar Naseer has said that he would not support PPM Presidential candidate Abdullah Yameen with corrupt people such as the Deputy Speaker of the Peoples' Majlis, MP Ahmed Nazim beside Yameen.

Umar made this remark in a public meeting held at the Artificial beach area with his supporters and well wishers. He said that MP Nazim is involved in corruption. He said that he is stating that not to break the ranks of PPM but to be just and to proclaim the truth always.

Umar noted that many gangs, drug trafficking networks, family of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom were backing Yameen in the primary election.

"All the gangs were with Yameen. All major drug trafficking networks were with Yameen. Referees were with him. All powers of the party were with him. Several members of the Majlis were with him. Competing against such powers, there is no election ever held in the history of Maldives similar to this election," he said.

In addition to this Umar said that it is not his policy to flee away from challenges. He said that he will face and confront challenges and continue upon that path. He said that he will bring a white revolution within PPM and this war will be waged and this war will end within PPM.