Nation needs a leader who can change one Ruffiya to two- Majdi  

Former member of the special Majlis of the Peoples' Majlis for Malhos constituency, Majdi has said that the nation now needs a leader who is capable of changing one Ruffiya to two Ruffiya and whom the people are assured to have that capability.

Majdi made this remark speaking at the weekly meeting of the Jumhooree Party. He said that the people should be confident of the leader and the nation is in need of such a leader. He said that the ideal leader should be able to save the nation from the economic drawbacks the country is facing today.

Majdi said that if the people elect a person who they do not trust then the country will fall deeper into economic instability.

In addition to this Majdi said that the it is a joke for an individual to make promises to lead Maldives to new horizons of economic success when that particular individual is the reason for the many economic challenges faced by the nation today. He said that only jokers like him will follow the recklessness of the such an individual.

Majdi said that he is among those who worked tirelessly for the establishment of democracy and he said that he participated in the painstaking work to enact the new constitution.

"However today what we see is not the change that the people wanted. This is not a country with wild animals. We do not have poisounous snakes," he said.

Majdi said that all the challenges and problems faced by the Maldivian stems from the un-implementation of the new constitution.

"The leader who brought to the people the new constitution is with the people. This is a constitution that he brought. This is time to elect him to implement this constitution. There is no reason to delay," he said.