Police investigating the case of the Artur brothers

Maldives Police Service has stated that they have been investigating the case of the Artur brothers since last January.

Police media official told Miadhu Daily that Police have been inspecting them since their arrival as they are accused to be global conmen, criminals and drug traffickers. The Police however stated that so far they have not been convicted of any crime.

"All are making claims and accusations. The Police are investigating the matter to see if there is any truth to these accusations," the Police media official said.

In view of the allegations in the social media that Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb are connected to the Artur brothers' visit to the Maldives, Minister Adeeb told Miadhu Daily that they requested from him only to renew their visa as their visa was expired.

"I assisted them in renewing the visa. I am the tourism minister. I did not know if there were accusations made against them or whether they are suspected criminals," he said.

Adeeb said that it is now known that the some top officials of former President Mohamed Nasheed's regime are behind the visit of the Artur brothers to Maldives. He said that it has also been revealed now that the company they registered has a share of Delta Waseem.

Minister Adeeb said that there is no connection between the Artur brothers and the Maldivian government whatsoever.

Speaking to DhiTV, Adeeb said that he met them on the road during the Hulhumale' Motor-racing championship and he did not know who they were during then. He said that he answered their request to renew their visa as they were tourists and he did not know if they were involved in any criminal activity.

He said that during the conversation he came to know that they were invited to Maldives by some top officials of former President Nasheed's government. He said that he has been informed that they have now left Maldives.

Meanwhile, Minister of Defence Nazim who has been also rumoured in the social media that he has connections with the Artur brothers also denied the allegations. He said that he does not know Artur brothers.